Why Axedo?

Since we firstly were in the financial market, Axedo has been proud to help our customers to work for their financial goals while letting them free to focus on what matters in life. Everything we offer — from guidance to powerful trading tools, to trading resources — is built around one thing…you.

Our support team is always at your service

We walk into your shoes, and we know how important it is for you to get the professional guidance
you can freely count on. This is why our experienced, licensed support team is available by phone,
email, chat and in- a person for one-on-one support- for customers who have more than five years of
trading experience with us.

Intuitive, powerful tools designed for you

It does not matter if you are an experienced trader or this is your first time dealing with the online
trading concepts, our web, mobile, and downloadable platforms give you all the tools you need to
research stocks, open positions and manage your investment portfolio.

You have needs, we have solutions

Trade and invest how you want with access to a variety of investment choices. Select from Stocks, Forex, Commodities, CFDs. Diversify your trading portfolio, minimize risks, and maximize profits.

Straightforward pricing, no hidden fees, no surprises

We are giving you access to our award-winning investing and trading platform. Plus, we keep our
pricing simple with no hidden fees, platform fees, or trade minimums.


Disclaimer: Warning of high risk: Trading at all levels and in all its forms represent an activity of elevated risk. As it is entirely possible to suffer heavy losses when trading with any online broker, trading is not an activity that is suitable for everyone. Traders must be aware of the fact that returns are not guaranteed and that they may lose some or all of the money they have invest. As such, it is of the utmost importance to only every trade with disposable funds you can afford 100%. Before getting started traders must actively consider their goals, expectations, attitude to risk, and personal financial circumstances. You need to know the risk involved when trading and understand exactly how to proceed, by following your trading style and situation. If you require advice or assistance, it should be sourced exclusively from a registered independent financial advisor.